Due Diligence

Due Diligence is a financial and legal expertise of an asset that allows you to manage investment risks

Basic RGB

Risk identification and management

Investing as any type of business is a risky activity. The examination analyzes the problems and predicts the possible consequences – risks, allowing the investor to see the strengths and weaknesses of the company or asset, ultimately make a balanced decision on the appropriateness of investing.

Investigation of facts

Due Diligence Report contains findings based on specific facts and documents.

Comprehensive evaluation

Integrated expertise allows you to assess an asset based on identified problems, risks and forecasts for their mitigation.

Recommendations from BFC

The Due Diligence report may, at the request of the customer, contain recommendations for mitigation of identified violations and inconsistencies, reducing risks, as well as a step-by-step plan of necessary actions, expected timing and costs for their elimination.


You can not talk about the success of investments, if there was a mistake at the stage of their planning. 

BFC is a team of professionals with more than 10 years of experience in implementing investment projects in various fields: real estate, energy, construction, internet commerce, pharmacy, transport, IT, manufacturing, and more. BFC customers are over 200 companies, many of which are leading international and national corporations.

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What do we analyze making a Due Diligence?

Financial analysis

  • return
  • profit (EBITDA)
  • return on investment (ROI)
  • dividend payments history
  • competitors and market share

Analysis of the accounting books

  • income and expense structure of the company
  • internal control systems
  • loan agreements and obligations, conditional commitments analysis, completeness and reliability of assets and liabilities accounting
  • fixed assets, financial investments, receivables and payables, stocks of the company
  • availability of agreements for rescheduling of tax payment

Company structure

  • ownership structure with the tracing the ultimate owner
  • the status of registration of ownership title or property rights of the company assets
  • the status of rights to use land plots
  • availability of permits, licenses for the performing of the economic activity by the company
  • disputes and litigation

Company assets
  • legal status
  • insurance agreement existence
  • compliance with environmental and environmental standards
  • state of registration of rights to intellectual property objects

Management and shareholders of the company

  • review of statutory documents, management structure, decision-making procedures
  • shareholders decisions review
  • managementdecisions review
  • business reputation of management and shareholders

Relations with counterparties
  • analysis and performance evaluation of contracts with customers, contractors, suppliers, tenants, landlords
  • credit history
  • availability of joint venture agreements
  • disputes and litigation

Actual examination

  • Examination of buildings, premises, production sites
  • physical availability checkу
  • Linking Objects to the map (Google Map)
  • photo report

  • collective labour agreement
  • labor agreements and contracts
  • the activities of trade unions
  • key employees questionnaire
  • labor disputes

We are convinced that there is no universal solution for everyone, but individual solutions can create the most competitive advantages and values for our clients.

Report form: electronic and / or printed. We guarantee the confidentiality and security of the information we receive from you.

The report will be prepared in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards IFRS

  • international standarts of DD
  • will meet the customer’s objectives (purchase, sale, lending, IPO)
  • individual concept and features of the customer

Additional options:

  • Report visualization (ppt)
  • collection / refinement the source information on the project
  • Presentation of the Report to the target audience, incl. remotely (videoconference)

Due Diligence identifies and allows you to assess risks in advance:


  • loss of ownership
  • void agreement
  • hidden debts or liabilities
  • imposition of sanctions for violation of local rules
  • collection of fines for non-payment of taxes and fees
  • litigations
  • labour disputes


  • financial reporting data
  • documents and duly certified copies
  • certificates and other official responses of the authorized bodies
  • data of official registers and databases
  • statistics data
  • research
  • publications in mass media


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