Export marketing


1. World market monitoring

2. Definition of prospective countries for export purpuses

3. Competitiveness stress test of your products in selected markets

4. Formation of a list of potential distributors

Geography of our projects

It’s no secret that the establishment of export activity carries a huge number of benefits for the company, among them an increase of sales revenue, profit growth, economies of scale, the image of brand success, diversification of markets, as well as minimization of risks.

In order to successfully enter the international markets it is necessary to develop export marketing plan, a key element of which is the market research with the aim to determine the most promising segments for sales of enterprise products.

The main objective of consulting project implementation is to improve the activity of the company in the market through expansion of markets for company products’ sales. New markets identification diversifies company’s risks, as well as give an opportunity to increase sales volume and reach a new level of corporate governance. Access to foreign markets – an indicator of the company’s development and success of the brand, the transition to a new stage of their development.

The overall objectives of the project:

bezymyannyj access to new markets (foreign markets);

bezymyannyj diversification of sales channels;

bezymyannyj increase the efficiency of sales.

It’s no secret that building export activities carries a huge number of advantages for the company, among which increased realization revenue, profit growth, economies of scale, the image of brand success, diversification of markets, as well as minimization of risks.

One of the major factors of market attractiveness is the level of demand for the product, which the company plans to export. When determining the demand are important indicators of capacity and market dynamics:

    • capacity and dynamics;
    • trade balance;
    • the ease of conducting export-import operations in the country;
    • logistics;
    • current geography of procurement.

Stages of the project on export potential

picture export

STEP 1. Identification of export potential

Review of existing export models of similar products from Ukraine
Express analysis of the markets of Europe and Middle Asia.
In-depth market research of selected countries (Top 6 countries)
Export marketing strategy on the basis of the study

STEP 2. Forming the base of potential buyers / distributors

STEP 3. Interviewing companies base, negotiations

Negotiations on behalf of the company by telephone, Skype, email, Viber mode in order to identify interest in conclusion of distribution agreement for the benefit of the enterprise.

Forming the base of potential distributors

The main purpose of this step is to create a database of potential distributors, which suggests their possible interest in working with the company.

The expected economic results after project is finished

Why choose BFC?

The BFC company has a unique software, based on algorithms developed by leading experts in analysis that can handle large databases and apply filters of the most promising markets determined individually by the Customer requests. We conduct market researches to discover the geography of export potential in Europe, Asia and Ukraine.

bezymyannyjWe have implemented more than 401 projects.
bezymyannyjCompany BFC operates more than 10 years on the Ukrainian markett.
bezymyannyjContacts with 8 countries for export marketing in Portugal, France, Turkey, Azerbaijan, the USA, Kazakhstan, Algeria, the United Arab Emirates.

Our company carries out in-depth market researches in selected countries.

We give advice on the feasibility of entering the markets.

We define the export potential.

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