BFC provides a wide range of services in the field of marketing research and business planning

We provide all information for making successful decisions

For the past 10 years, BFC has gained extensive knowledge and experience in marketing, business planning and realization of export potential of enterprises. We have developed unique, practical experience, proven strategies and algorithms to implement positive changes in the organization.

Our researches in various countries of the world allow us to be one of the few companies that can provide customers with international aggregated international experience. We work with clients on the basis of strong partnership. Together we will achieve better results than each of us could have done it alone.

We are convinced that there are no universal solutions for all. We know that only individual solutions are capable of creating maximum competitive advantages and value for our customers. Each of our solutions is based on understanding of client’s actual work and uniqueness of its market position.

In cooperation with our customers we generate new ideas, mobilize the organization to achieve significant results, improve efficiency and potential of client’s business.