Mission and Values


Business Format Consulting (BFC) – the first Ukrainian, international consulting company, that specializes in strategic, marketing and investment consulting, leading consultant on definition and implementation of export potential of industrial enterprises and investment planning. Our clients are organizations across all industries and regions of the world. Every month we have a representative of a new country of the globe.

Together we are working to identify the best value creation possibilities, to find the optimal solutions of important problems, to realize the potential of enterprises.

Our approach is individual: deep analysis of dynamics of companies’ development, domestic and foreign markets, combined with close cooperation with the client’s office. This approach provides our customers with a sustainable competitive advantage, organizational efficiency and long-term results.


Since its founding in 2006, the BFC has been at the forefront of development consulting in Ukraine.

Many of our ideas and concepts – for example, the formulation of the concept of credit brokerage, as an important component of the communication on the bank lending market, the formulation of the report on the borrower concept for risk management of Ukrainian commercial banks; financing schemes of construction projects; development benefits translate kommunialnyh energy-generating facilities on biological sources of power generation, development of a manual for the identification and realization of the export potential of companies; development schemes trader biofuel exports from Ukraine to Europe, scientific topics.

BFC is at the forefront of management thinking and practice in areas such as global advantage, a solid international marketing, strategic sales planning, sales of building infrastructure. We are proud that our ideas are successful practical application.

Many of those companies with which we have managed to build a very deep and strong relationships, were able to transform entire industries. This tradition transform companies and whole sectors remains an important motivation for us today.