The company BFC – an international team, which employs consultants who have a variety of unique experience and education in various fields – from business administration and economics to biochemistry, engineering, psychology, classical philology and law. Consultants with expertise in the organization of distribution systems, marketing research, development of a package of investment documents, business planning, financial modeling, financial analysts. We appreciate and use the unique talents of each.

     The team often work one recent graduates and experienced professionals, who has a broad experience. We specialize not only in specific sectors of the economy, as for the types of services that we offer. Thanks to this approach, our services are to some extent universal and applicable to companies of different spheres of activity. We are interested in all aspects of the business, we are always open to the exchange of ideas and experiences.

     Regardless of length of service or specialization in a particular field of all BFC consultants committed to the interests of the customers and focus on the implementation of positive changes.