BFC provides three main types of market research: express desk research, ad-hoc desk research and field research. Our studies are converted to generation and implementation of successful management decisions of company’s top managers.






BFC provides a full range of services in the field of fundraising. With rich experience of work on international markets for our customers, we provide services in searching and preparation of analytical information.






Business Plan is a key document to organize a business process and launch a new project or startup. BFC has good expertise in business modeling  and provides individual financial model for every project as a mandatory application to report.






One of the main factors of market attractiveness is the level of demand for the product, which the company plans to export. In determining of demand and capacity are important indicators of market dynamics.


BFC clients are more than 250 companies, many of which are leading international and national corporations


Many of those companies with which we have managed to build a very deep and strong relationships, were able to transform entire industries. This tradition of transforming companies and whole sectors is an important motivation for us today and will continue to be in future



Our company has appealed to the BFC in the end of 2015 with the task to analyze the potential market for the start of production. The company conducted market research of the two countries – Russia and Kazakhstan. The subject of our co-operation performed medical cosmetics market.


Scientific and Practical Center «RE-BIOMED»
Scientific and Practical Center «RE-BIOMED»

We hereby express our gratitude to the BFC team for the performed work and achieved results in Marketing research of Biological products in Ukraine. The study was conducted in September 2012 and updated on the key data in October 2013. The work was done in a professional manner and within the specified period.

Reference of IAMP of NAAS…

Институт сельскохозяйственной микробиологии и агропромышленного производства НААН
Institute of the NAAS

We hereby accord a thank to the team of RBC marketing and in particular PE “Consulting company” Business Format ” for the conduced work done and achieved results on the markets research of Ukraine and other countries. Research carried out in 2014. The work was done in a professional manner, within the specified period.

Reference of BUNGE…

Global agribusiness and food company BUNGE (Evgeniya Roik)

We hereby give thanks to the Consulting Company “BUSINESS FORMAT” for the executed work and achievements in the field of World pellet market research, as well as preparation of a business plan for the organization of mobile pellet production module MLG-11 “Forward”. Tasks performed in full and on time without any delays.

Reference of Ukrainian Pellet Union …
Reference of  “Technical Centre” Obschemash “…

Коломийченко Николай
Mykolay Kolomiychenko (Ukrainian Pellet Union)
(UA) 02.06.2015

The BFC in the spring of last year carried out market research of South African mining industry for our Company . During the cooperation “Business Format” has proven itself to be a professional, responsible and highly qualified company. The work was completed on time and in proper form. The “Business Format” team performed all our wishes in the best possible way. We are willing to recommend the BFC company as a professional and responsible partner.
Reference of EATON …

Nadezhda Agafonova (EATON)

We hereby express thanks to the BFC company for the work and results in the field of market research of Ukrainian car credit facilities (surveys were carried out on a monthly basis). Tasks performed in full and on time without any delays. We consider the company “Business Format” as a reliable and qualified consultant in the future.

Reference of Nadra Bank …

Татьяна Кравец
Tatiana Kravec (Nadra Bank)

The BFC Company in 2013 held the analysis of oilfield market in the Russian Federation (2008-2012) for «NADRA ІNTEGROVANІ RІSHENNYA”, LTD  according to a terms of reference provided by our Company. The work was done properly using trusted sources and databases, which helped us to analyze the prospects of the market, and assess the risks and opportunities to enter the market of Russia.

Reference of Nadra Group …

Валерий Стельмах
Valeriy Stelmach (Nadra Group)